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Studies have shown that moving to new surroundings and meeting new people - even in a college setting -- can be a bit overwhelming. In order to understand your concerns and feelings, we brought together a group of college grads, current high school and college students, counselors and college admissions and residence life folks to help us design DORMtours.

Once you are accepted to a participating school, you will be sent a CD-ROM e-card, together with your acceptance materials. Your e-card will contain lots of important information, and that is complemented by this Web site. If you like what we're doing, but your college is not yet a participating member, please let them know. You can enter their name under Search Schools and click to send them an instant e-mail (their e-mail address should already in entered in our database for you). If you really feel like pitching in, let your high school counselor know about the benefits of DORMtours.

Remember, DORMtours is your site. If you have any questions or comments, click here to contact us.

lucky brand jeans coffee mug

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big dogs boxers
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