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Would you like to see Keene State College become a member of DORMtours, too? Please take a moment to let them know! Just click the "Send" button, below.

Go ahead and register now with DORMtours to us a ton of other fun features....you can still WIN our contests, meet other kids who will be going to colleges near yours, find part-time jobs, use the college count down clock and more. SO REGISTER NOW!

Or if you'd like to submit your own video for Keene State College, click here.

And thanks for your interest in DORMtours!
Your Letter to Keene State College
Dear Keene State College Admissions Department:

I've been accepted to Keene State College as part of the in-coming Freshmen class. My friends and guidance counselor told me about DORMtours.net.

+ 360 virtual tours of Freshmen residence halls.
+ Transition Tips from "experts".
+ E-shop for college necessities.
+ Fun contests & events.
+ Custom change of address cards.
+ Absentee Voter Registration.
+ Campus & area jobs.
+ Celebrity Alumni interviews.
+ Campus & area maps.

All designed to "ease the transition to campus life".

I checked it out for more information about Keene State College residence life, hoping to gain a sense that I will "fit in". Just thought I'd drop you a note suggesting that you take a look at DORMtours.net. I think it would be worthwhile for Keene State College to participate.

Feel free to call DORMtours University Development Partnership Department (877) 467-9301. Sincerely,
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