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"Almost every college in the country has a recruiting funnel, that series of contacts-the Web, direct mail, campus visit, telemarketing and special events-that move a prospective student from initial contact through the campus visit to matriculation. While the overall purpose of the recruiting funnel has not changed, our approach to design must.....
  • We will see an evolution away from print-based funnels to Web-based funnels. It will happen at some institutions more quickly than others....
  • Effective recruiting funnels will be dynamic and interactive...
  • Aggressive funnels will required an enriched, coordinated media mix that includes not only publications and telemarketing, but the Web, advertising, special events, sponsorships, and collaborations.
  • Successful recruiting strategies will be closely coupled with successful retention strategies..."
Experts say there are three basic funnel stages. At stages one students are beginning to look. At stage two they are becoming more insightful and asking better questions. "At stage three students have applied to and been accepted at a handful of schools. >From the student's perspective, these schools are largely identical. Data suggests that they will make their decision on three variables"
  • Fit: Do they feel like they "fit in" on campus?
  • Financial aid
  • The "cool" quotient: When they tell their friends where they are going, do their friends say, "cool?"
DORMtours lets your accepted in coming Freshmen know that they will fit in. DORMtours also engages these kids in a virtual community, built by and for students, that is most definitely "cool!"


Source: The Journal of College Admission Number 169 Fall 2000 "Building an Effective Recruitment Funnel" By Robert A. Sevier, PhD.

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