big dogs boxers
old navy flame messenger bag big dogs boxers

You use the DORMtours High School Graduation Wish List so friends and family know what to get you. Attach it to your BragCards, to Tell A Friend or to your ChangeOf Address Cards or print a hard copy. Avoid duplicates gifts, returns and exchange hassles. Let others buy the stuff you "need" so you can afford to buy the stuff you "want." Use it to coordinate with your roomie - see what is on their list.

Your stuff gets to college on time with no sweat. We rigorously screen for Merchant reliability, who has time for surprise back-orders? Ship right from your home (click Desk/Office and then click Stamps/Postage) or DORMstore Merchants will ship bulkier stuff direct to your DORMroom... it's your choice. Who wants to wait in line and pay through the nose to ship things to college? Spend the money on things you want instead! Yet another way the DORMstore lets YOU SAVE TIME! YOU SAVE $$$$$! YOU SAVE HASSLES!

You spread the cost over time... ease your checkbook. You put everything needed for college on your DORMtours Wish List. Your Wish List will be here for you every time you come back. Start now and buy a few things each week or month until you have everything you need... now that doesn’t hurt a bit!

You save the tax. Some on-line purchase offer the benfit of reduced or no sales tax! That can add up to big bucks... would you rather spend the money on something you really want, or give it away to the government!?

And the #1 Reason for shopping the DORMstore

It would take hours and hours and hours and hours on-line or driving from store to store in your car to find college necessities best suited for the size challenges dormrooms pose with prices, quality and "coolness" anything like the DORMstore. We included things you might not think for even know about like a space creating shelf that goes on top of your computer monitor or a "decoy" safe where you can hide valuables. We've invested the time and done it all for you, and we are constantly looking for good deals so you don't have to. It's all here. Absolutely everything you need for college at the best prices from the best merchants. We've even found the best prices on specific things that some of your colleges have told us are especially important for you to have. Check out the featured products at your college's DORMtours home page.