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old navy flame messenger bag sony micro cassette recorder


You've worked hard to get here. There's a bunch of cool stuff in the DORMstore that would make a great "reward" for your hard work. And you don't need to feel guilty since it's all stuff you'll need for college!


  • Bath

        AM/FM Digital Shower Companion:   $79.95
        Deluxe Personal Care Kit:   $69.95

        Conair Super Power Hair Dryer:   $14.99
        Mirror With Light:   $19.88
        Professional Scale:   32.99 SALE

  • Bed

        Bed Sheets-Ton To Choose From:   29.99 & up

        Photo Print Bed Sheets:   from 17 Up

  • Dorm

        Had milk...Want Beer:   8.89 & up

        Flower Area Rug:   $29.99
        Leopard Throw Pillow:   $17.99
        Solid Color Decorative Rugs:   $18.99
        Seneca rugs:   $19.99

        Cushy Foot Stool:   $12.99
        Hanging Hamper:   $9.99

  • Household/Tools

        Top Of The Line Fan:   $79.95

        Holmes Chrome Fan With Stand:   $37.99
        HEPA Air Cleaner-Great Price:   $50.04

  • Kitchen

        Hot or Cold Snack Box:   $79.95

        Portable Kitchen Pantry:   $99.99
        5 Piece Retro Dinette Set:   $199.00
        Kitchen Cart:   $79.99

        Hamilton Beach Master Blender:   $19.99
        Drinking Glasses:   $19.99
        Double Hot Plate:   $37.99
        Mini Microwave:   99.99-Sale
        Cobalt Fiestaware Coffee Mugs:   $27.79
        Popcorn Popper:   $29.99

    Don't forget KITCHEN: Dishtowels, sponges, brillo, dishwashing soap. HOUSEHOLD: Band-Aids, first aid kit, aspirin, cough drops, decongestant, alka seltzer, laxative, hydrogen peroxide, medications, contact lens solution,cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, sewing kit, rags and sponges, rubber gloves.



  • Clocks/Phones/Cameras

        MP3 Alarm Clock:   $29.95
        CD/AM-FM Radio/Alarm Clock Combo:   $99.95
        AM/FM Travel Clock With Smoke Detector :   $24.95

        AT&T Wireless Phone Service-FREE PHONE:   varies

        International Telephone Service:   varies

        Cordless Phone with Answer & ID:   $25.99
        Sony Digital Camcorder:   $399.99
        Clock Radio:   $25.99

        Timex Atomic Clock/Radio:   $29.88
        Sony Clock/Radio with CD Player:   $79.88
        Sony AM/FM Clock Radio:   From 19.88

  • Portables/Combos/Accessories

        Space Saving CD Player/AM FM Tuner/Alarm Clock :   $99.95
        Wireless Headset:   $49.95

        Panasonic MicroSystem with 5 CD Changer:   $199.88
        Palm HandHeld Personal Organizer:   $89.88
        Sony MicroCassette Recorder:   $29.88
        Rio Digital Audio Player by Nike:   $149.88

  • Stands/Holders

        Wave Stand:   $89.99
        Decorative CD /TV Table:   $69.99


        Samsung Multimedia DVD Player:   from119.00
        Samsung 19" Color TV and VCR:   $199.88
        Samsung 13" Color TV and VCR :   $149.88

    Don't forget batteries, film, wire, adapters, surge protectors, blank tapes and disks, extension cords


  • Become an Agent!

        Global Travel International:   $495.00

  • Travel/Accessories

        5000 Delta FREE MILES:   varies

        Air/ Hotel/ Rental Car Bargains!:   Varies

  • Tuition/Budgeting

        How To Go To College Almost For Free:   $19.16
        The Complete Scholarship Book:   $18.36
        Cash For College:   $16.77

        Ship Your Stuff To College:   varies


  • Campus Safety

        Keyless Luggage Locks:   $12.95
        8x25 Binoculars:   $99.95
        Key Organizer With Light:   $19.95

        Mag Security Flashlight:   $20.99

  • Desk

        Traditional Wood Desk Set:   7.00 & up
        Tray Table Torchiere Lamp:   $99.98
        Executive Mesh Office Chair:   $89.00

        Postage Stamps:   varies

  • Storage

        3 Drawer Dorm Storage:   $19.99

        Cedar Storage Chest:   $129.99
        Decorative Shelves:   $79.99
        Slimline Storage Cabinet:   $79.99
        Storage Chair:   $199.99

        Dorm Organizer:   $14.99

    Don't forget batteries, high lighters, notebooks and paper, paper clips, folders and labels, pens and pencils, pencil sharpener, erasers, ruler, scissors, stamps, stapler and staples, tape, tacks, cds and diskettes, printer paper, printer cartridges, cords, toners, outlet adapters and surge protectors, hammer and nails (make sure your school allows you to use them, nail hole filler, double side tape, extension cords, outlet adapters, light bulbs.

    School Spirit/Grad Gifts

  • Hot-n-Trendy

        Study In Bed While Your Room Mate Sleeps Light:   $29.95
        Super Compact Digital Voice Recorder:   $99.95
        Deluxe Scooter With Seat & Basket:   $599.95

        Eastpak Craze Backpack:   $20.99
        JanSport Clark's Fork Backpack:   $25.99

        Get The Most You Can Out Of College:   $17.47
        Best Dictionary With CD-ROM:   $24.47
        Don't tell me what to do, just send money:   $11.87

        Triple Perf Belt:   $16.00
        Buckle Cuff Bracelet:   $9.00

  • Jewelry

        Ladies Sterling Heart Charm Bracelet:   $65.00
        Women's Diamond Ring:   $195.00
        Men's Gold Bracelet:   $225.00
        Men's Silver Bracelet:   $95.00
        Men's Gold Ring:   $195.00
        Pearl Bracelet:   $150.00
        Pearl and Diamond Necklace:   $95.00
        Pearl and Diamond Ring:   $125.00
        Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace:   $350.00
        Heart Ring:   $150.00
        Bulova Watch:   $188.00
        White Gold Solitaire Diamond Earrings:   $125.00
        Hugo Boss Data Collection Watch:   $395.00
        Heart Tag Bracelet:   $65.00

  • School Spirit

        College Logo Jewelry:   24.95 & up

  • Traditional

        Pocketwatch By Skagen:   $99.95

        Silver and Gold Money Clip:   $95.00

    College Fashion Basics

  • Girls

        Flat Briefcase Umbrella:   $24.95

        Womens Sleepware-PJ Pants:   $34.00

        Breeze Cabbie:   $14.00
        French Twill Draw String Pants:   $44.00
        Assia Capris:   $34.00

  • Guys

        Flat Back Pack Umbrella:   $24.95

        Silk Robe:   $89.50
        Silk Boxers:   $19.50

        Boot Cut Jeans:   $69.50

        Canvas Joggers:   $22.99

        Packable Wind Breaker:   $14.95

    Don't forget GIRLS: bathing suits, belts, jeans, slacks, shorts, shirts-turtlenecks, long sleeve, short sleeve, tank-sweaters, dresses, skirts, purses, caps and hats, formal wear, jewelry and watch and sneakers. GUYS: bathing trunks, belts, jeans, slacks, shirts-turtlenecks, long sleeve, short sleeve, tank- shorts, sweaters, caps and hats, ties, formalwear, jewelry and watch, sneakers, shoes

    College Must Haves

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